Olesya Tihon

I started my journey in eyelash extensions in 2015, and since then, I’ve dedicated myself to perfecting the art. At LashBou Academy, we go beyond traditional training. We cultivate a learning environment where passion meets innovation, and each student leaves not only as a skilled lash artist but as a confident professional ready to conquer the beauty industry.

Yulia Z

Five years ago, I started my journey as an eyelash extensions technician because I was fascinated by the art of enhancing natural beauty. I went through intense training in Ukraine and the USA, earning certification and gaining hands-on experience in a reputable salon to perfect my skills in precision and creativity. With a commitment to continuous learning and excellence, I transformed into a skilled lash artist, providing confidence-boosting transformations for clients.

Recognizing the transformative impact of eyelash extensions, I became an eyelash extensions trainer to share my passion for beauty and empower others in the industry. I noticed the growing need for skilled professionals in this field. Teaching allows me to pass on my expertise, ensuring that aspiring lash artists not only master the craft but also understand the artistry and importance of client relations. Contributing to the growth of individuals pursuing their passio


Passionate about the beauty industry with more than 4 years of experience in eyelash extensions and makeup. With a dedication for teaching and a great level of communication, thus creating any learning experience to be effective and of great benefit to you. I make sure to teach you, inspire you and show you the wonder of creating beauty with your own skills.