As an accredited international eyelash extension trainer, my mission is to share my knowledge and experience with the next generation of eyelash extension artists. My focus is to transform people art into experienced professionals who can make a name for themselves around the world.

My journey includes building a successful studio with $350,000 in revenue. This hands-on experience of running a thriving eyelash business enriches the training we provide at LashBou Academy.

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Having certifications in a variety of eyelash extension techniques reflects my ongoing commitment to staying on the cutting edge of industry trends and mastering a variety of styles.

lash certification classes near me
lash certification classes near me

About LashBou Academy

LashBou Academy is a leading institution providing premium eyelash extension education. Located in Arlington Heights, Chicago, this licensed and certified eyelash extension school has earned an excellent reputation for setting high standards for education and safety in the eyelash extension industry.

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Why Choose LashBou Academy

  • LashBou Academy is professionally accredited and licensed by the Illinois IDFPR, reflecting our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of education and safety.
  • Every student is valued at LashBou Academy, and we prioritize individualized attention and support throughout their learning journey.
  • Our training program covers both classic and advanced eyelash extension techniques, giving students the opportunity to learn a variety of methods to suit their unique preferences.
  • Theory is just the beginning – true mastery comes from practice.
  • Our courses include practical sessions with both mannequin heads and live models, allowing you to refine your skills under expert guidance.
  • Each student receives a full eyelash extension kit valued at $350, which includes the high quality tools and products needed for professional eyelash extensions.
  • Our exclusive eyelash extension kit is intended for 25-30 clients. This means you have everything you need for professional and flawless eyelash extensions.
  • Practice Lashes
  • 1 Lash Adhesive
  • 1 Gel Remover
  • 1 Primer
  • 2 Tapes
  • 1 Lash Shampoo with Brush
  • 8 Lash Trays 0.15 Lashes
  • 25 under eye pads
  • 20 Glue Trays
  • 50 Lash Wands
  • Upon completion of the courses, students receive a recognized certificate from LashBou Academy. This certificate not only validates their experience and skills, but also opens doors to various opportunities in the beauty industry.
  • Our commitment to students goes beyond graduation. LashBou Academy provides ongoing support to graduates, helping them move confidently through their careers.
  • Graduates enjoy exclusive discounts, including a 20% discount on all LashBou products and a 10% discount on future LashBou courses.
  • This ensures that our students have access to the best tools and resources throughout their careers.
  • Our curriculum goes beyond technical skills, covering essential business aspects such as marketing, client consultation, and pricing strategies.
  • We aim to equip our students not just with lash expertise but with the knowledge to thrive in the beauty business.

Courses Offered

Classic Lash Course

15 CEU hours

$950 / 4 payments of $238

Perfect for beginners, this two-day in-person course lays the basics of eyelash extensions with no prior beauty experience required. 
Up to 5 students per class.

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Combo Lash Course

15 CEU hours

$1,895 / 4 payments of $474

For aspiring lash artists. 
This 4-days in-person course, designed for beginner lash extensions, covers advanced classics and hybrids (volume fundamentals).

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Wet Wispy Course

15 CEU hours

$1,100 / 4 payments of $275

Wet Wispy Lashes are gaining popularity, and this training ensures you’re at the forefront, ready to offer your clients the latest and most sought-after lash style.

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Perfect Volume Course

15 CEU hours

$1,100 / 4 payments of $275

This two-day in-person course, designed for experienced eyelash extension artists, focuses on Russian Volume and Mega Volume techniques that require 4-6 months of classic experience.

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Lash Lift & Tint Course

10 CEU hours

$650 / 4 payments of $163

Led by our expert instructors, this comprehensive program will provide you with the knowledge and skills to perform flawless lash lifts, enhancing the natural beauty of your clients’ lashes.

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Brow Lamination Course

10 CEU hours

$548 / 4 payments of $137

Led by our expert instructors, this comprehensive program will equip you with the knowledge and techniques to achieve flawless and long-lasting brow transformations.

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What Our Students Say

Becky Smith
Becky Smith
Olesea is the best lash trainer in Arlington Heights. You can tell she absolutely loves what she does and teaching it to others. I have learned so much from her. These photos are from my lash lift and tint class today. 🥰
Business mailbox
Business mailbox
It was truly an amazing experience! I took the basic eyelash extension course from at Lashbou Academy under the guidance of the salon owner, Olesya 😊 Sooooooo I hesitated for a long time and was afraid to change my field of work. But when I decided to go to Olesya, I was pleasantly surprised. She has extensive experience and professional qualifications, and I realized that this is exactly what I needed 😇😇 I was particularly impressed that the training didn't just consist of theory. We were all actively working in practice, our instructor readily answered all our questions, and there was a very friendly atmosphere in the class. Thank you so much 😍
Кей К
Кей К
I loved this course! I managed to snatch it up in the sales making it incredibly affordable! It was so detailed and informative sharing all you need to know to get started. I am usually a visual learner and the way this course was presented made it incredibly easy for me to stay focused! I have just completed the Classics course! Highly recommend LashBou and I can not wait to see where this new journey takes me! Thanks Olesya for such an incredible experience!❤️❤️❤️
Sonya Lawler
Sonya Lawler
If you still thinking where to go for lash extensions school. I highly recommend them. I took there training for Classic lash extensions 1 year ago after I took Russian volume course now I'm so excited to be fully booked lash artist and actually hiring new first employee. Olesea thank you so much for all your advice and support though all this year.
Cindy Salazar
Cindy Salazar
Olesea is definitely one of the best lash teachers you can get. She shares her knowledge with you and she makes sure that you have everything to start off your career and succeed. She makes sure you feel confident in doing lashes before you leave. Her energy is amazing and i’ll definitely be coming back for more courses!
Hailey Penick
Hailey Penick
Great teacher she is hands on and makes sure you understand everything.
Alexandra Malkhazov
Alexandra Malkhazov
Natalia was wonderful at making the whole experience relaxing and enjoyable for me. The lashes look great and I am very pleased with the results. I asked for a natural look and that's exactly what I received. Natalia was excellent at explaining about the process and the after care recommendations for a longer lasting lashes. The price was very affordable also.. Keep the good work!
Anna Odintsov
Anna Odintsov
I’m in love with the results that I get after my eyebrows and lash lift. My girl, Natalia Bersheda does unbelievable job with getting them in shape and fresh looking. Always looking forward to my appointments with her.

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We offer various courses including Classic Lash Course, Combo Lash Course, and Perfect Volume Course, each designed to cater to different skill levels in lash artistry.

Our courses are tailored for different levels of experience. The Classic Lash Course is perfect for beginners, while the Perfect Volume Course is suited for those with some experience.

LashBou Academy stands out for its expert-led training, small class sizes for personalized attention, and a comprehensive curriculum that includes both practical skills and business knowledge.

Yes, all our courses offer certification upon completion, which is recognized in the lash industry and adds to your professional credentials.

Absolutely! We offer ongoing support to our alumni, including refresher courses and advice on career development in the lash industry.